The Tamayori's Fate
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date October 7, 2012
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Ominous Dark Clouds

Overview Edit

This episode recaps Tamaki's relationship with her guardians, going into how they met and other memories from season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Tamaki wakes up happy that the Onikirimaru is safe and that the village is peaceful. However, she feels lonely because now she has no reason to be protected. Before she leaves for school she sees Yuuichi, Shinji, Oomi, Mahiro, and Takuma, awaiting her arrival in order to depart to school.

On their walk, they discuss the five guardian's injuries from the previous battle, describing how bad they were. Tamaki then sees one of those white blob spirits and asks her for an offering. She gives it a piece of candy and reminisces how it was there when she first arrived, the first time Takuma saved her, and when Baba first told her about the Onikirimaru and becoming the Tamayori Princess.

During lunch, Tamaki goes up to the roof but no one is there. She remembers the first time she met Mahiro, Yuuichi, Shinji, Oomi, as well as other memories associated with them. Her trip down memory lane is interrupted with Mahiro announces their presence, all of them eating without her.

Meanwhile, Aria awaits word from headquarters. Tamaki has a sudden flashback to the meeting between her and Logos, as well as the injury Aria caused wither her companions. Back to the present, Tamaki is waiting in front of the school for the guys, and then goes back to conversations Takuma and her had.

After school, all of the visit the shrine where the Onikirimaru is held. Oomi comes up behind them, saying that he just saw Ashiya and got to talking about Logos and their Hideout. Apparently, their hideout is surrounded by magic that shields them, thus explaining why Shinji could never find it. Tamaki starts to worry about the Onikirimaru, but Mahiro assures her it's safe. Takuma suddently starts clinging to his chest, but blames it on eating too much. Baba and Mitsuru look out into the garden; Mitsuru looks worried.

Aria says that she is going to return to headquarters, however, Eins, Zwei, and Drei say they will go instead. Aria reluctantly agrees. Vier asks her if she is alright with them going, but Aria assures her that they cannot seal the artifacts without her. She then decides to use this time to further develop strategies.

Oomi senses evil spirits while out and reports it to Baba. She seems unsurprised and asks Mitsuru to prepare the ceremonial offering. Oomi looks at the sword and sees darkness swirling around it.