The Course of Battle
Episode Information
Season 1
Episode 6
Kanji 対決の行方
Rōmanji Taiketsu no Yukue
Air date May 6, 2012
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The Two Tasks
The Breaking of Bonds

Overview Edit

Tamaki and the Guardians prepare for the battle at the second seal ground with high hopes of winning. When they reach the second seal ground at night, Aria sends the Logos after the Guardians to fight. After the Guardians do not fare well against the Logos, Tamaki recites incantations to assist the Guardians in defeating the Logos. However, the Logos survive the incantations and easily subdue the Guardians. Tamaki gives in and allows Aria to extract the Mirror from the seal ground. Tamaki and Aria exchange the promise that they both will not hold back when they meet again for their next battle.

Synopsis Edit