Tamaki Kasuga
Hiiro no Kakera - 01 - Large 34
Name Tamaki Kasuga
Kanji 春日珠紀
Rōmanji Kasuga Tamaki
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Amber
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Baba (grandmother)
Takuma Onizaki (lover)
Professional Status
Occupation Princess
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Marie Miyake

English voice actor: Emily Neves

Tamaki Kasuga (Height 162cm Weight 46kg) is the main protagonist of Hiiro no Kakera. She is the only one who can seal the Onikirimaru, since she has the blood of the Tamayori Princess coursing through her veins.


Tamaki has the abillity to see different spiritual creatures as in the fox spirit, O-chan. As Tamaki begins to awaken as a Tamayori Princess, she begins to see other spirits wandering around. Tamaki can also use sealed items in which her grandmother gives to her. These sealed items hold a strong amount of power to take down Logos for a short amount of time. She is mostly powerless for Season 1, although she always does everything in her ability to help the guardians.


Tamaki is a cheerful girl with a gentle nature. She always wants to guard her friends, which is the reason why she often runs into problems and fights in an attempt to protect them. She always wants to smile and put on a brave face to reassure and encourage her friends. Over time, she falls in love with Takuma Onizaki

Appearance Edit

Tamaki is taller than an average Japanese woman (162cm). She has brown hair and amber eyes. She wears a Japanese uniform with grey socks and black shoes.

Love InterestEdit

Takuma Onizaki

S1E13 Tamaki3

Tamaki using her powers for the first time.

At first they act as if they're 'frienemies', but throughout the first season their friendship deepens, especially in the last episode, when Tamaki is finally able to use her powers and save him from the oni inside him.
Screenshot 2017-10-15-20-41-08

Takuma with Tamaki.

During the second season, they have a more intimate relationship, which leads them to falling in love with each other. Thus, Tamaki learns that her ancestor (Tamayori Princess) and Takuma's ancestor (Underworld God) were lovers and that he promised her that he'd protect her and the seal forever. Then, even though their love is forbidden, they run off with onikirimaru to try to seal it. She then saves him ultimately by kissing him and telling him that she will give her life to him and that she truly loves him in episode 10. Later, in episode 11 it is shown that Tamaki's grandmother deceived them, leading them to believe they were giving their life in order for the other to be saved. Thus, Mitsuru takes Tamaki out of the shrine and tells her someone is waiting for her up the trail. Tamaki realizes it's Takuma and runs to him. There, Takuma kisses her and tells her he loves her. As he hugs her, Tamaki thinks that it's just like when the Underworld God and the Tamayori Princess last were together, wanting to be together longer, but knowing they couldn't. (Neither knew of Baba's deceit at the time)

In the final episode, Tamaki is heading to the bus, where Takuma hugs her and tells her to come back soon, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the others. Later, Takuma and Tamaki are seen watching the sunset. There, Takuma tells her to ask him to do something, as he is her guardian. Tamaki asks him to stay with her forever, Takuma responds that he will, and they turn and look at each other, and smile. Essentially, Takuma is her first and true lover. He is the most precious person to her and truly and deeply loves him as shown when she wishes to stay by his side for eternity. In the end, Takuma and Tamaki, being true lovers stay by each other's side forever.


. they are the first tamayori princess and demon that become lovers